Pesky bugs are launching an assault on your prized vegetable garden in Pest Beat, and you must stop them before they ruin everything with their unstoppable appetites! Crawling around with their icky legs, these insects are vicious! They’ll attack in big numbers, so show them that your garden is not their picnic table! Rally your plants and stop this madness at once! How long can you survive the waves of enemy attacks?

Pest Beat is a tower defense game that takes you to lovely green pastures — infested with bugs. Your award-winning garden is in peril as these uninvited guests with pincers prance around! As an expert gardener you know that the best defense is a good offense, so grab your spade and be prepared to face your opponents! Similar to the other Tower Defense games, your enemies will follow a road leading to your garden, and your objective in this addictive and challenging game is to protect your garden by placing various plants at the sides of the road to stop the insects from reaching your garden. There are 6 maps, each with different designs. And have we told you that you’re the best gardener in the city? The plants in your arsenal prove how capable you are! You have a total of 10 plants you can place on the map, and each of these plants has different stats. Some have more rapid fire rates while others have stronger attack capabilities. Due to the generations of battle, the insects are aware of your prowess so they’re as prepared as you. You’ll encounter different kinds of insects, and each of the waves will be stronger than the last. Killing insects will earn you money that you can spend on buying and upgrading plants. Show those intruders that no weeds and insects are allowed in your garden!

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  • 6 different maps
  • Colorful graphics
  • 10 different plant types
  • Various enemies


Use your mouse to play this game.