Solve all the problems in this jammed garage in Parking Jam Out! You have been assigned as the director of this new garage. But there is one problem. This is a very small garage. Can you let all the cars free from where they are stuck?

This game is indeed a puzzle game. A very fun one, though. You will be working with cars and trying to help them escape from where they are stuck. If you can find the first car to be set free, the puzzle can be solved by moving the cars out one by one in the best order. If you can get all the cars out, you will be able to charge them for their parking time. If you work hard and in the best way, you can always expand your garage business and have more fun. So, do your best to get the parking lot free of jammed cars and collect all the money!

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PuzzleGame.Com developed Parking Jam Out.

Release Date

April 06, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple levels to complete

Requirement of strategical thinking

Upgradable features in the garage

Lucky wheel to spin for extra coins!


You can use the mouse of your computer to move the vehicles and choose the options.