Explore three different biomes in a pastel 3D world of racing with Off Road Auto Trial! You can purchase offroad vehicles and choose a climate to find your ideal track! Experience the sandstorms of vast deserts, enjoy the deepest shades of green in jungles, and try to survive the icy weather at the north pole!

You can test your driving skills through three challenging terrains and climates, and practice in this world! With tracks built only for the offroad enthusiast like yourself, and the stunning 3D sceneries of different realms, this driving simulation offers the players everything they need in an addictive 4x4 game! You can start by choosing a car within your budget and buying it. Now you can stay to buy a few upgrades, or save your money for later and move onto the track options. You have three mode choices available: Arctic, Jungle, and Desert. Pick any and start your first level. Each level has three stars hidden on the track; you must find and collect them without falling off the platform. Speed up while approaching obstacles and climb onto them to pick up all the collectibles. Crashing into objects does not affect your car, but turning upside down does. Click on the repeat button to restart the level and try again.

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Ekaterina Dolinina developed Off Road Auto Trial.

Release Date

May 18, 2023


  • Nice colorful graphics
  • Unlockable vehicles and upgrades
  • Three terrain types
  • Available on mobile


You can use the arrow keys or "W, A, S, D" to play.