Get armed and fight against scary enemies of yours in Noob vs 1000 Freddys! 1000 Freddys are on it again and this time you are alone in different places around the world against them. Get your weapons and make sure to eliminate them!

Noob can’t get enough of the adventures that put him in trouble. This time he is surrounded by the Freddys. Your task is to help him command this situation and get the best out of this warzone. There are five maps that you can explore. On each map, you will see five levels of a new adventure. In unique arenas, you will have a Freddy count on the top left of the screen. This will help you see how many enemies you need to eliminate and how many you have already eliminated. Protect yourself against these monsters since they will find different ways to attack you, let it be throwing rocks or aiming bullets at you. Now, focus on your task and see if you can see all the levels to complete all the maps!

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Developer developed Noob vs 1000 Freddys.

Release Date

September 01, 2022


• 3D graphics

• Unique maps

• 25 levels

• Weapons to change


Use the WASD keys to walk around and the mouse to look around. Fire with the left click and aim with the right click. Move the mouse wheel to change the weapon. You can throw grenades with the G key, reload with the A key, and pick up items with the F key. Run with the left shift, crouch with the C key, and jump with the space key.