The bells jingle all the way with Catch the Snowflake! Are you ready to feel the warmth of Christmas? You can now get into the true Christmas spirit and let yourself go a little with this fun game. Turn the volume up and play this addictive game with a nice Christmas song for hours!

You will have a table of 81 squares in this game. Each square is a tile with one of the Christmas-related icons. From a gingerbread man cookie to a present box, from a variety of snowflakes to different Christmas trees, you will see various icons on the tiles of the table. What you need is to pair the identical tiles so that they get cleared off the table. The main trick here is that you must get as many points as you can before the time runs out. The game becomes easier in the following steps when you have some tiles cleared off. But in the beginning, things may be a little challenging. You must find two identical tiles that can be tied with a line. So, this means that these two identical tiles should be free from a side that can lead a line between them. Don’t forget that the more tiles you clear, the slower you will run out of time. So, get your mouse ready, relax a little with a beautiful carol, and clear as many tiles as you can before your time is out!

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bestphysics developed Catch the Snowflake.

Release Date
November 30, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• Christmas carol playing
• Calming gameplay
• Christmas theme
• Intuitive skills

You can use your mouse to click on the tiles to pair them.