No One Escape from this scary field of murders! The only thing you can do is to avoid being killed by someone else in this game! We know that it sounds scary, but you need to keep moving! Do you take what it takes to survive this arena? Good luck!

You somehow found yourself in this scary arena, and no one can escape from the death here! Do you have the courage? Will you be able to stay alive? Then choose your character, style him, and jump into the first level! Your objective in this game is to find a way to get out and don't be grabbed to be killed. You should avoid the sight of the murder! When the game starts the killer will be identified and you have to escape from him up to the end! You will find a way to escape! Once you see a chance to escape, you should check around and run without being caught by the killer, or else you can lose your life! You should also collect the coins to use in the future for upgrades. You can follow the remaining time and the ones who were killed at the top of the screen. Once you see someone is killed, run away as fast as you can! If you cannot escape, you can use the walls to hide behind. Will you be the last man standing? Good luck!

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Developer developed No One Escape.

Release Date

February 17, 2021


  • Multiplayer game
  • Exciting gameplay
  • 20 levels to pass
  • 3D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.