Jump high up in the sky with Ninja Up! Get ready to feel what it feels like to fly because you will go way up in the sky with this endless game!

This is a retro action-arcade game with a single endless level to try your skills. All you need is to click left and drag the cursor to draw lines that will turn into mini-trampolines. You need to draw these trampolines just beneath the character to let him jump high up in the sky. You can draw the lines a little below the character for slight jumps or make the character almost touch the line to have a fast and high throwing motion. You can go on the game as long as you fail to draw an adequate line and drop the character. Enjoy the funky and vintage-looking pixelated graphics of this video game and see how many meters you can climb up in the sky!

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Gameloft SE developed Ninja Up!

Release Date

November 30, 2022


2D retro graphics

Endless single level

3 high scores displayed

Easy gameplay


Click left and drag the cursor to draw lines that will turn into mini-trampolines beneath the character.