Eliminate the monsters and rule the world in Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition! As the ninja with a thirst for blood, you are sent for an important mission. Go around killing the monsters and collecting the coins to see what will come out of this adventure!

You should be ready for a long journey. This journey has 34 levels of new platforms that will all introduce you to something new. You should be careful about the way the platforms are created since there will be some obstacles and surprises like gaps that you can fall for your death. The coins that you are supposed to collect are also hidden in the corners of these platforms, so make sure that you travel across the platform at each level well. You should pull the arrow around the character to the opposite of the side you want to move to. Just grab it and adjust the side you want to move to and the power you want to move with. Jump on the monsters and kill them with your power. Don’t forget that you can open the secret chest and pass to the next level, only when you clear all the monsters!

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Wanted 5 Games B.V. developed Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition.

Release Date

December 23, 2021


• Colorful graphics

• Easy and fun controls

• Multiple levels

• Engaging platform


You can use the left-click to rotate the power that will push the character forward.