Get behind the wheel of your monster truck and drive through a dark world with Monster Truck Crazy Impossible! Explore the challenging racing platforms of a lifeless world, race against gravity and deadly traps, and see where these obstacle parkours take you! Purchase and unlock unique customization options for your vehicle and upgrade your style through a dark journey!

Discover the impossible obstacles courses left of a dark world through these challenges! Keep your car balanced while falling from great heights, pick up money and nitro along the way to upgrade your speed and funds, and keep up with the increasing difficulty! To start, you can hit the play button and follow the hints through the tutorial level. Keep one finger on the gas and use the left and right buttons to keep the car straight through tilted slopes and big falls. Try to ride through everything green; these are money and nitro boosters, and you will need them through the game. Use nitro for a speed boost before big jumps to make sure you land safely. Keep trying; pick up from checkpoints to complete stages and move on to the next chapters. Explore all maps to not leave any challenges completed, and customize your car!

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Developer developed Monster Truck Crazy Impossible.

Release Date

April 18, 2023


  • A grey world with eye-catching neon details
  • Unlockable vehicle customizations
  • 50 challenging levels
  • Available on mobile devices


Use the arrow keys to move, the spacebar for brakes, and the left shift for nitro.