A king's death is the most tragic thing that can happen in a kingdom, but the king in Monster Slayers came back as a spirit to take revenge on the monsters that killed him. Help him with this quest by recruiting adventurers, training them, and sending them to fight against various beasts. Can you fulfill the deceased king's wish and take revenge on his murderers or will you fail and condemn him to wander as a restless and grumpy ghost?

The game Monster Slayers offers various missions, characters, and enemies! From giant lizards to shadow knights, this game is not short of weird and mythical creatures. As the player, your objective is to gather an army of adventurers and defeat every monster you encounter in the interesting story levels. To play the game, all you need is your mouse. There are 4 commands you can give to your army. These are fall back, defend, attack, and quick march. Each of these commands has different functions and uses. Command your troops to fall back when you’re faced with intense enemy fire so you can keep your troops out of range. The defend command will make your characters deal less damage to the enemy, but they’ll sustain less damage, too. The attack command lets your units unleash all their rage on the enemy in an all-out assault. Finally, the quick march command makes your units move forward until they come across an obstacle. As with many other games, your adventurers will gain experience as they kill enemies and level up. You’ll also earn precious ingredients, coins, and special hats as you defeat enemies. Hats have different benefits, such as earning you defense points or increasing your attacking power. You can use the coins you’ve earned to level your characters up and give them different specializations. There are many things to explore in the amazing world of Monster Slayers. Start playing now!

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Nerdook developed this game.


  • 25 hats to collect
  • Various enemies to fight
  • Cute 2D graphics
  • Nice story


Use your mouse to play the game.