Make friends with cute monsters and fight against the bad ones in Monster Rush! You might be facing the most dangerous creatures on earth, but you are not alone. Keep the cute monsters a good company and save the world!

Run fast and find your friends who are ready to help you out. Through a series of levels, you will be taken on a journey where you will run fast to reach and fight against horrible monsters. So, without meeting your friends on the way, your task is very difficult. Thankfully, you will bump into some good monsters that will follow you and fight for you at the end of the road. You should first set them free using the special tokens you have. Through these platforms, you can collect these coins and even have your monster friends help you collect more coins. Don’t forget that you can also unlock new skins to enjoy the game even more in this fun running game. Now, get ready to save everyone from these monsters.

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2Play developed Monster Rush.

Release Date

October 10, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Boss enemies at some levels

• Upgradable skills

• Skins to unlock


Drag the cursor to move the character and get the collectibles.