Set out on an underwater adventure with Mini Swim! Make jelly friends, escape fishes, and collect gold coins to make yourself a fortune! Explore underwater caves with stunning colors in an arcade world, and use the basic controls to swim through tunnels, dodge spikey traps, and make it to the next level!

If you think being a human is hard, you should try being a water bubble for a day! This little guy is having a hard time adjusting to the ocean and water creatures. Lucky for him, you can lead him through all the obstacles and traps, helping him reach his destination. Use the arrow keys to bounce up and down in the water. As a bubble, you can swim without being affected by gravity. Use your weightlessness to stick to the top of the caves and dodge the incoming jellyfish. You can also get away from spikes and other traps with the same skill. Inspect the stage, watch the movement patterns of the enemies, and draw a route for your little buddy. Wait for the right second to get to the action. Pass levels to get to more complex challenges, and take your reflexes to another level with this game!

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NoaDev developed Mini Swim.

Release Date

February 13, 2023


  • Cute characters
  • Nice retro theme
  • Increasing difficulty with each level
  • Improving reflexes and strategy skills


You can use the arrow keys or "W, A, S, D" to move.