Take treasure hunting to the next level by jumping into a mega drill and starting your journey to the center of the Earth! Become the driver of the monstrous mining machine in the addictive game, Mega Drill, and try to uncover long-lost treasures to make your dreams come true. Rusty chests are filled to the brim with treasures. Gleaming gold and precious gems are waiting to be discovered and claimed! Start the engines and descend into the depths of the Earth! You need to reach the bottom to rise up again! Are you prepared to emerge with riches?

Let those millionaires spend their time under the warm sun on their luxurious boats! You will become even richer than them! It turns out that treasures are scattered beneath the earth and the government is providing the required tools to recover them, so you must take this opportunity. It won’t last forever, though, as you only have 25 weeks! Jump into the Mega Drill and start uncovering those lost treasures. The road to wealth always has humble beginnings. When you first start, you won’t be able to find too many valuables. Your fuel will run out and you won’t be able to travel too deep. As you collect gold and upgrade your mega drill, you’ll be able to drill deeper into the depths where the most valuable treasure are hidden. There are 5 upgrades and 2 power-ups that you can purchase. These upgrades include fuel tank capacity, radar power, drill strength, and many more! You can also add a nitro booster and a mechanical mole to help you along your journey! Keep uncovering the riches and get all the upgrades to reach to the most valuable treasures!

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Small Is Beautiful Interactive developed this game.

Release Date



  • Valuable trophies to collect
  • Upgrade your mega drill
  • Simple controls
  • Amusing animation


Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the drill.