In Mahjong 3D, you can discover the mystical world of China. This traditional game that is by far one of the most important and preeminent ones in Chinese culture now gets a new dimension in your hands. Be ready to connect with this mystical side of yours with the help of this wonderfully fun yet intuitive game. Are you ready to juggle the Mahjong blocks?

You will experience a feast of visuals with the 3-dimension blocks all decorated in colorful bamboos, Chinese writings, and beautiful flowers. This scenery is only made more beautiful with the majestic plum blossoms decorating the screen. With China's famous pink flowers before a soothing green background, you can rest your eyes and have a quiet and peaceful time all by yourself. Your main aim here is to pop the blocks with the same designs. Just pair the blocks with the same designs in your head and click on them one after another until you clear all pairs of blocks. But be careful to think strategically when you are making those pairs. An attempt to pop a block stuck between two others will fail even if you pair it with the right block. So, clear the way of all the blocks one by one starting with possible pairs standing relatively independent from others. Don’t forget that you have a time limit to watch for and that with each level you finish, you get an extra 5 seconds. Also, you can get extra points when you match two blocks and pop them out within three seconds or have successful pairings repeatedly one after another. Now, get ready to calm your soul and ease your mind with this wonderful game with beautiful visuals!

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SOFTGAMES developed Mahjong 3D.

Release Date

November 2021


• 3D colorful graphics

• Calming puzzle

• Intuitive skills

• Beautiful visuals


You can use your mouse to click on the blocks to pair them.