Discover your world in Lost in the Maze! As a little blob of cuteness, you are living in your own world peacefully. But as a matter of fact, you don’t know your surroundings much. So, now get ready to explore your own world!

This is an interactive maze game. In this puzzle-based game, you are expected to discover new places and new aspects of the endless world you are living in. As you move, you will see new walls emerging around you. These will be the new limits of your world. You should move around as much as you can and see how many new walls will emerge. You can enter through the new corridors to discover more. When you are done with a corner of the maze, that corridor will fill with bricks and will close for a new entrance. Now, let’s see if you can perform well at each level and pass the threshold of discovery to see new levels.

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DevDude developed Lost in the Maze.

Release Date

May 09, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Indicator of the percentage discovered

Interactive mazes

Different enemies at each level


You can control your character through the maze with the WASD or arrow keys.