In Little Dino Adventure, it's the egg hunting season! Take the role of a green dinosaur and roam around the prehistoric realm to find eggs. Between the noises of the grumbling volcano and other dinosaurs, can you keep your character alive through different zones and complete the game without trouble? Hit that play button and start your Jurassic-themed adventure now!

We don't know the owner of these eggs, but it's a dangerous era to leave them unattended. You better start collecting them before something bad happens. The objective of this game is to collect as many eggs you can to gain a high score and pick up all three golden eggs on each zone. This game offers 3 different zones for you to explore. These are a lush jungle, a scorching desert, and lastly, a winter location where everything is covered in snow. At first, only the jungle zone is available, but you can unlock the other two as you play. You can control your character with the arrow keys. You'll face many different challenges from dangerous dinosaurs to obstacles. You can kill the enemies by jumping on them but should avoid obstacles like gaps. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see your character's health. You start with three hearts, and each time you get hurt, you'll lose one. You can collect hearts to replenish your health. Regular eggs are scattered around the map, but golden ones are a bit tricky to find. Leave no stone unturned, and find them all!

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New Kids Games developed Little Dino Adventure.

Release Date

October 23, 2018


  • Colorful and cute 2D graphics
  • 3 different zones to play
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use the arrow keys to control your dinosaur character.