Flex your brain muscles to light up the numbers in Link the Numbers! It is always fun to solve a puzzle but sometimes you need to take things seriously to be able to complete a difficult puzzle. Now, you need to focus and link the numbers to be successful!

This game is one with hundreds of levels. You can start playing, get used to the system and enjoy the gameplay for many hours and days. There are also daily rewards for you to unlock. At each level, you will be given a table with different numbers of squares. There are 80 chapters that all have 60 levels. The levels in these chapters all have increasingly more squares. Your aim is to fill in the tables with the numbers given below these squares. Simply click on the boxes you want to place a number and then the number that you choose. The numbers should be placed in a way to be linked consecutively. So, plan beforehand how your positioning will be and link the numbers one by one!

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Playtouch developed Link the Numbers.

Release Date

May 16, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Hundreds of levels

Tutorial level available

Intuitive controls

Daily rewards


You can click on the blocks and then to the number you wish to place. Double click on a block to undo the move.