Light up your world in Line Bright! Imagine you are a tiny line in one of the billions of little internet cables around the world. The world needs you to connect to the world and you need to float your way through the pipes. Can you find your own way to settle things?

This is a very vibrant puzzle game that seems out of this world. You need to get your way through the tiny pipes. There will be different shapes of mazes which you need to move across. The important part is to settle your strategy to open the little doors that will block your moves. There will be multiple doors of different colors which only open if you switch off the key of the same color. That’s why you can use the arrow keys to move across the mazes and clear your way. Now, move your shiny little line, open the doors and try to reach the finish line at all the 16 levels to complete the game!

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Zapjee developed Line Bright.

Release Date

May 05, 2022


2D vibrant graphics

Intuitive skills

Interesting gameplay

16 levels


You can use the arrow keys to move the tiny line through the pipes.