Lab Escape Online welcomes you to a big adventure in which you chase to escape! Everything has started with a big explosion and now all the micro-organisms and germs got freed from the tubes. But you are the most dangerous of all! Start eating them add more power to your strength. They will try to stop you, kill you bust you must show all who the boss is in this lab! If you are ready, let this chase begins!

You are in a lab that can make everything comes true. It was only an experiment once. No one knew it could go this far but here we are, explaining what happened. Something went wrong and the germs and other organisms got freed from the laboratory tubes. It is time for you to take the place of the most powerful one of them all! You are gonna hold the left click to go up and release it to go down while chasing these germs. You must eat them to be more powerful than ever! But some of them are armed out of fear and ready to kill you! Try to stay away from them and risk nothing. Collect the coins to buy new equipment that will help you to hunt faster. You can check your energy bar from the top of the screen which is only regenerated when you eat the enemies. Take a deep breath and show no mercy!

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Developer developed this game.

Release Date

February 23, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Various boosters and powerups to unlock
  • In-game shop to visit
  • Simple controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.