In Knock Em All, you can test your aiming skills in a 3D world filled with platforms, obstacles, and enemies. Grab your gun, aim at your target, and pull the trigger to show who the boss is. Can you complete all the levels and unlock bonus items?

Your enemies don't seem like the type that would listen to reason, so you only have one chance to survive. Grab your gun and start wreaking havoc before they get to you. On each level, you'll encounter enemies on platforms. Use your mouse to aim, and the left mouse button to shoot. To kill an enemy, hit them on the head or shoot repeatedly until they fall off the platform. Headshots will fill your power meter. Once filled, this will provide you with super-charged bullets that can one-shot enemies. Once you clear a platform you'll jump to the next one in the level until you reach the finish. Some levels will include more challenging enemies, and some levels are just boss fights. Completing a level will reward you with coins. These can be used to unlock bonus items. Make sure you level up enough to unlock new and powerful weapons. How many levels do you think you can complete?

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Voodoo developed Knock Em All.

Release Date

April 3, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Lots of levels to complete
  • Different enemy types
  • 5 different weapons to unlock and use
  • Challenging and action-packed gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


Use your mouse to play.