Get your kitchenware because you are about to become the best chef around in Kitchen Bazar! You have a bright future in front of you, so work hard to grow your kitchen and let everyone leave your place happily with full tummies!

In this kitchen game, you will be dealing with every tiny detail of becoming a great chef and building a nice restaurant. There are two main parts of the game in which you will be focusing on two different main tasks. First of all, you need to learn the deed from your fellow mentor. He will be giving you insight into details. These tips are how you should choose one of three main menu categories and how they have different XP earnings, how you can check a recipe by clicking on the speech bubble of the customers, and how they will tip you more if you serve them fast. Shortly, you will earn some money at the end of each level with the customers that left your place happy. If you want to grow your restaurant, you can upgrade the space, change the design, and whatnot, which is the second main part of the game. Now, let’s see if you can manage to be your boss in this cutthroat kitchen game!

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Gameloft SE developed Kitchen Bazar.

Release Date

October 13, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Strategic gameplay

Items to unlock for growing your restaurant

Boosters sold to enhance your gameplay


You can click left to choose and drag to serve the food.