Jungle Jewels Connect is here with fifteen language settings, three difficulty options, and fruity crystals to blow your mind! Get ready for brain gymnastics with the most eye-catching and satisfying visuals; we will take a walk to the shiny side of the wilderness! Can you keep up with the shifting perspectives and match all the fruit gems?

Prepare yourself for a puzzle that evolves with you! This game surprises the player by changing directions on each level. At one stage, you are peacefully breaking crystals, and on the next one, poof, the gravity is reversed! But no worries; you can practice all you like before getting to the top difficulty. The easy matches are the best place to start this race. Begin the first level and find two identical fruits that can be linked within three steps. The path between these items must not be blocked by other gems. Eliminate items by pairing them, and get all jewels off the table. You can unlock new difficulty options by completing two levels in the previous stage. Level up through the challenge to get introduced to a wider range of crystals, play against bigger tables within a time limit, and upgrade your skills!

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BestGamesFreePlay.com developed Jungle Jewels Connect.

Release Date

February 27, 2023


  • Bright and eye-catching images
  • A refreshing theme
  • Improving attention skills
  • Three difficulty options
  • Language settings


You can use your mouse to play this game.