Follow the vampire count on a secret mission to collect Halloween-themed candies with Jewel Halloween! Follow the first steps as the count teaches you how to get candies, learn the special moves, and make the booster candies rain! Share the joy of this spooky night with the lonely count, and share your candies with him!

Who says vampires don't like candy? This one does! He loves them so much that he needs help to get enough candies to satisfy his hunger. Can you follow his needs and match the Halloween-themed sweets to get them? It is simple! Align three, four, or five identical candies to match them. If you manage to get four or five candies matched with one move, you get special candies with unique powers! These candies can wipe an entire type of candy off the table, clean a horizontal or vertical row, or explode all candies in a small area. Follow the level targets from the top and reach the goals before running out of moves. Explode the target items or tiles to pass levels and make the count happy. Help him get all the sweets he needs to keep humans safe from his insatiable thirst!

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Inlogic Software developed Jewel Halloween.

Release Date

October 12, 2022


Cute drawings and characters

Halloween-themed objects

Simple controls

Fun levels with quests

Unlockable boosters

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.