Take a step into the colorful and squishy world of the jellies with the second game of the fan favorite game, Jelly Madness 2! As one of the best examples of the match-3 puzzle game genre, Jelly Madness 2 will tickle your sweet tooth with its addictive and entertaining gameplay. Grab a bag of gummy bears because we’re sure you will want to munch on some as you complete each level. They look so yummy! Challenging puzzle levels, colorful jellies, and cute characters await you when you jump into adventure!

So many colors and so many levels! Jelly Madness 2 offers more than 100 levels filled with fun-to-solve puzzles for you to enjoy. As part of the match-3 subgenre of puzzle games, your objective is quite simple. As the player, you have to match 3 or more pieces of the same colored jelly to remove them from the board. Unlike other titles in the same genre, you don’t have to swap the places of the jellies to clear them. Instead, you should link them together. With each new jelly piece you add to the link, you will gain different power-ups, such as bombs and other fun stuff. The more jellies you link together, the more points you will gain. Clearing the board is not your only objective with Jelly Madness 2! Each level has a different objective, from clearing a certain number of specific colored jellies to getting rid of a couple of sneaky jellies that imitate other jellies. You don’t have infinite moves but when you run out of moves, you can get some back by using the stars you earned from completing previous levels. As you progress through the game, the levels will become more challenging. Can you solve the puzzles in all the levels and beat the game?

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  • 125 fun levels
  • Colorful graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Cute characters


Use your mouse to play the game.