Dive into an epic adventure with cute Icy Purple Head 3! This is purple head’s world and we’re just living in it! He is used to being around in this icy world and he now invites you to a fun adventure. Can you handle this adventure and be a part of his life?

In this game, you are supposed to give a hand to the purple head and let him complete each platform. At each round, you will see our character sliding his way through the platforms. He aims to find himself right in the mailboxes so that he will be sent to the next level! To help him move, you need to click left on your mouse. This way, our character will turn blue and slide on the icy platforms. On his way, there will be some birds, too. You should match our character’s color with the birds’ to hit them and clear the way. Don’t forget that you can unlock new skins for your character, too. Also, in every 8th level, a different kind of challenge awaits you! Now, try to reach the mailboxes at each round and try to complete all the 40 levels!

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Miniduck developed Icy Purple Head 3.

Release Date

December 22, 2021


2D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Addictive game experience

Cute Icy Purple Head!


You can tap on the left-click to change the character’s color.