Complete the journey and save your queen in Ice Queen! To meet with your queen, you need to find your way in this ice kingdom. This is an adventurous road, but you can overcome all the difficulty while thinking of your queen. So, are you ready to go through all the levels and complete the whole journey?

In this adventure-based platform game, you have 15 levels to complete. Each level ends with you safely reaching the igloo to meet with the queen of your heart. You will need to go through the platforms to reach your goals. The way to the igloo at the end of each level is generally blocked by many doors and obstacles. These doors can be opened by the switches. You can turn off the switches yourself. But to open the final door at each level, you must collect the keys to them from the locals. Locals will request some objects in return for the keys, so gather around to collect those objects alongside the diamonds. Plus, you can use those diamonds to upgrade your character, too. Also, be careful of some animals and other obstacles that may cause you one of three lives you have. Now, get ready to complete this 15-level journey!

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Functu developed Ice Queen.

Release Date
December 09, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• 15 levels
• Characters to unlock
• Intuitive controls

You can use the arrow keys to go left or right and to go up the stairs.