In Hop Quest, it's time to spread a little mayhem. These robots need to be taught a lesson. They are planning to attack your land. We need a hero to show them that they are not the only ones who can use a weapon. Come on then, soldier. It's time to meet death head-on.

You never look for trouble but it always seems to find you somehow. In this game, your objective is to jump your way through the different obstacles, robots of this game and earn a high score. But this is not going to be so easy. The robots knew that you were going to come and planned everything. You'll see multiple traps that can kill you. You have to avoid the spikes, broken bricks, the rocket launcher coming your way and all the other obstacles that await you here. Do you see the circular blade beneath you? Yeah, if you don't move for a period of time, it will start moving and cut you into little pieces. That just doesn't sound right so keep moving at all costs. Get the gold that you see on the way and unlock all the treasure chests you can find. You can unlock new characters with this gold and destroy the robots. Go on then! Adventure awaits you.

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Release Date

June, 2018.


  • Different characters to unlock
  • Fun gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice 2D graphics


Use A or left arrow key to attack. Use S or up arrow key to jump. Use D or right arrow key to defend.