Fight against the AI in Home Appliance. Insurrection! Robots and AI have gotten to a place no one would have imagined. Now, every household is in danger. With robots uprising, everyone needs to protect their own house. You are one of those people. Let’s see if it’s easy to fight against machines!

In this game, you will have 27 levels that are full of adventure. They may get more and more clever over time with the help of AI. But the good thing with these robots and computers is that you still have the command. In these levels, you will need to walk across your rooms and deactivate the robots. Since they have staged an uprising, they are freely walking around the house with detecters on. Yet another good thing is that they do this in a pattern and you can calculate your moves accordingly. Try not to be detected in the red zones by the cameras, don’t lose your lives, collect the stars and pass levels! Now, get ready to find your way through safe zones of the rooms and deactivate the computers one by one through 27 levels!

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d954mas developed Home Appliance. Insurrection.

Release Date

January 12, 2022


2D colorful graphics

27 levels

Challenging levels

Intuitive controls


You can use the arrow keys to move the character.