In Highschool Prom Crush, Rachel needs your help urgently! Her prom party is about to begin, so she should get ready as fast as possible! Can you help her catch the prom party? Good luck!

Rachel's boyfriend Flynn is already ready for the prom party and he is waiting for her girlfriend Rachel. The concert is about the begin, but Rachel is still at home and not ready! She needs to hurry up, so if you are ready to help her, you can start the game by clicking on the play button. Your first objective is to tidy her living room up, she cannot find any of her stuff like her shoes, phone, keys, clothes, and even her phone! Find these items and click on them to collect them back. When you find all of her stuff, you can move on to dressing her up, she needs you while choosing her outfit, she is quite indecisive about it. Start with changing her hairstyle, and then you can choose a dress for this special night, she really wants to look beautiful like a swan. Hurry up! Flynn is getting impatient. Complete her look with chic accessories and shoes. She doesn't want to miss her boyfriend's concert! Are you ready for this important mission? Good luck and have fun!

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Racz Ioan Paul II developed High School Prom Crush.

Release Date

February 2, 2017


  • Various dress options to choose
  • Dress up game
  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.