Bring out cute animals from where they’re hiding in Hidden Animals! In the middle of the greatest rainforest, you have an important task to complete. Now, get out there and find all the naughty animals in this green forest!

This is a lively hidden objects game where you will need to find the hiding animals in a forest. The trick here is that you can see the ears, tails, or paws of these funny animals from where they are hiding. There are eight levels that await you. If you can successfully find out where all the animals are on a level, you can move on to the next levels. It is enough to click on the spots where you think the animals are hiding. If you have difficulty finding all the animals, you can always use the hints by clicking on the magnifier icon on the right. Track your count and see how many animals there are left from the board on the right side. The more time you spend finding the animals, the fewer points you will earn. So, now let’s see how successful you will be in this detecting task!

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Lof Games developed Hidden Animals.

Release Date

June 28, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• 8 challenging levels to complete

• Forest setting with vivid graphics

• Intuitive controls


You can click left to mark the spotted animals hiding in the background.