Travel through this blue world in Hexoboy! This little hexagonal boy is out for a new adventure and you can accompany him. Run through the platforms, face the difficulties and reach your destination! Are you ready for this fun little adventure?

Here, you will be running beside a hexagonal, funny character through a special platform. There are 18 levels for you to complete. You should use your wits and platform running skills to come over the difficulties and obstacles. Move the boxes to use them, climb the stairs, and jump over gaps and spikes… These are only some of the things you should prepare yourself for through the levels of this platformer. Don’t forget to collect all the diamonds around at each level. Simply use your arrow keys to lead this hexagonal hero and go on your way. Now let’s see if you can complete this adventure!

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ALMA Games developed Hexoboy.

Release Date

April 20, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Easy and relaxing controls

Multiple levels

Intuitive controls


You can use the arrow keys to move and the space key to jump.