Become the face of your favorite hero and roll around the city to save the day with Heroball Superhero! This challenging adventure offers its players a chance to play the hero for one day! Jump between platforms, collect the golden stars, dodge threats, and reach the finish line to complete missions!

Modern-day heroes do not fight bad guys and jump from skyscrapers to save their cities; they collect gold stars, run through parkour courses, and reach the finish line in one piece! Now as the rising star of your city's superhero club, it is your job to attend these races and collect the stars for your team. You can get to work by starting the first level. Use the arrow keys to roll around and jump. Use the up button to hop between platforms and collect the stars above. Stay away from cliffs, and do not let your hero fall down. Instead, prioritize keeping your feet on the platform, then focus on scoring points. Pick up everything to score the highest point and make it to the finish line safely. Keep collecting stars to unlock new heroes, and find your style for the incoming missions!

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Developer developed Heroball Superhero.

Release Date

February 2, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 3 character options
  • 14 addictive and fun levels
  • Simple control mechanics


You can use the arrow keys and "W, A, S, D" to play this game.