Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator

In Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator, you can try your hand at flying a helicopter! Are you ready to embrace the skies as a pilot? If so, jump into your chopper, start the engines, and complete each mission!

We hope you're not afraid of heights because you'll be traveling high up in the sky! This game has 2 modes, each with their own levels and objectives. When you first start, you'll be asked to choose a game mode. The first one is called the parking simulator. Your objective in this mode is to complete all 20 levels by flying your helicopter to the target helipad. You can see where your target is located on the minimap. The second mode is called the checkpoint race. Just like the previous one, this mode also has 20 different levels that you should complete. Your objective here is to complete each level by going through checkpoints before your time runs out. Before you start each mode, you can pick a helicopter model to use. There are 9 different helicopters that you can choose, but only one of them is available in the beginning. You can unlock the rest with the money you earn by completing levels.

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Vseigru.net developed Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator.

Release Date

June 20, 2019


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • 2 different game modes
  • 40 different levels to complete
  • 9 different helicopters to choose


Use the WASD keys to fly, the Q and E keys to rotate. Press the SHIFT key to start the engine and go up. Press the SPACE BAR to stop the engine and go down.