Find your way to the farm and touch the earth in Harvest Honors! You have a wonderful land to grow, and you need to work hard to achieve this. The most important thing to harvest now is carrots for you. So, you should work hard to collect carrots and have bigger and better land. Are you ready to take care of your farm?

In this game, you are expected to fulfill some conditions to get more carrots, which is your main aim, or to get more harvesting tools, which you can work faster with. To get these, you need to play the match game. Your goal in the match game is to get three same icons side by side in a line by switching the places of two icons. This earns you those icons and coins. This main game is a turn-based game, and both you and your rival have 15 seconds to make your move. So, be quick, or the items will be randomly swapped. If you match four same icons, you also get an extra turn. But do not miss three moves in a row if you do not want to lose the match. There are also some extra farming abilities like the take 2 ability or the clear column/row ability. You can acquire these if you have enough coins to buy them. Also, you can play this game against an assigned rival or with your friend next to you! Now, get ready to win the matches to grow your farm day by day with your coins, tools, and carrots.

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Azerion developed Harvest Honors.

Release Date

• 2D colorful graphics
• Building your own farm
• Intuitive controls
• Abilities and power-ups to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose options.