Hop in your car and get ready to take down some skeletons in Halloween Skeleton Smash! Halloween brings all kinds of interesting thrills along, and this is yet another such occasion. Hit this creepy road and try your best to go far away!

In this eery game, your aim is to go on driving your car on the way for as long as you can. Staying on the road long depends on how damaged the car is and how much gas you have left. You can check the damage from the red indicator on the left of the screen and your gas from the green indicator on the right side of the screen. Your main task is to smash as many skeletons as you can on the road. But extra stuff like coffins or rocks will harm your car. That’s why you need to be agile and rotate your car while rapidly changing directions. You can use the arrow keys or click left on the screen to manage this. Keep an eye on the extra gas bonuses and fix bonuses to have a longer level. Also, make sure to upgrade the strength, supplies, handling, and extra features of your car with the coins you earn for a better game!

This spooky game is just one of the Halloween games you can check out to enjoy this special time of the year. So, go ahead and enjoy many other similarly spooky games!


Vitalitygames.com developed Halloween Skeleton Smash.

Release Date

October 17, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Upgradable car features

• Rewarded ad possible to respawn

• Halloween spookiness all the way!


You can click left once to head the opposite way or use the arrow keys to move the car.