Pave roads using numbers with Guess the Path! Create paths between numbers, link them in the right order, and earn stars! Finish games in the shortest time without mistakes and get the highest scores! Let's dive into this addictive puzzle with hundreds of challenging levels and start practicing!

Welcome to your newest addiction! The goal of this puzzle is to link numbers from low to high with the numbers in between. There will be some twists, of course. Each number must be linked to the next one, so you must place them near each other to keep the cycle going. You can start from the outer tiles and move toward the center to play safe, but it will not work on some levels, especially the ones with higher tile numbers. You must plan your moves before making a move with those trickier levels. You can also use diamonds to buy hints and get some help when you get stuck. Start a level, do not use the eraser, and complete the game within the time limit to get three stars and earn diamonds. Follow the achievements on the top left, and do not leave any unfinished challenges! Complete all levels and become a master of numbers!

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Playtouch developed Guess the Path.

Release Date

August 9, 2022


Relaxing theme with pastel colors

Hundreds of addictive levels

Increasing challenge

Improving puzzle-solving skills

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to choose tiles and numbers.