Some prefer to stay at home when the day is done and gives way to the night, but in Girls Night Out, your model wants to make the most of her time by going out with her friends. She also wants to make a good impression with her fashion sense, so why not help her out? What’s a party without beautiful clothes and accessories? Open your wardrobe and begin styling now.

The real party starts at home when girls get ready for a night out. Make-up, dresses, and shoes galore! In Girls Night Out, you have dozens of options to turn your model into the prettiest girl of the night. If you’re ready for an extreme makeover, then let’s start. Before browsing dresses, you should play with makeup. On the first screen, you’ll see loads of different categories. Colored contact lenses to give your model a new eye color, an eyeshadow section, eyelashes to enhance their eyes, a brow pencil to shape their brows, a variety of lipsticks, and, finally, blush. When you think your model is ready, head for the dressing room! Here you also have lots of different options! From accessories to new hairstyles, you can complete your model’s look with fashionable pieces! Have you checked out the wardrobe? Choose matching clothes or mix things up and create your own trend! Finish the outfit with glasses or a cute purse and you’re done! Once your model steps in to the party, we’re sure she’s going to turn heads with her new and glamorous look!

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  • Colorful graphics
  • 12 different categories that you can use
  • Lots of customization options
  • Simple controls


Use your mouse to play this game.