Use your trusty hammer to pass snowy mountains and help caged animals with Getting Over Snow! While you adjust the length of the hammer's handle, your hero will deal with the smooth movements toward the finish line. Collect the gems and other treasures on your way to get rich while saving creatures!

You can never know what you might come across on a mountain trip, and this game is the sole proof of that! Killer eagles waiting patiently for another prey climbing mountains in a giant pot, or red spikes planted here and there... Your journey will be full of surprises, that's for sure. Why don't you grab that hammer and start climbing? Click on your character to change the length of your tool. Keep the measurements strategic to keep away from wild animal attacks and other hazards. Keep your character close to the gems and treasures to keep earning while climbing; you will need these shiny valuables later at the game shop! That's right; there are unlockable character and hammer skins at the game shop displayed at the bottom before you start the game! Collect a fortune while saving lives, unlock new skins, and keep climbing fashionably!

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Hit Games developed Getting Over Snow.

Release Date

December 1, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Funny skins and cute animal characters

Unlockable content and a game shop

Improving reflexes

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.