Can you reach the end of the platforms of Geometry Jump 2? All you have to do is time the jumps, and the little square will deal with the rest for you! Ace your skills, beat your best score repeatedly, and make it further with each try! Let's see how far you can get in this geometry world!

This fun platform race will leave you wanting more with its impressive modes and challenging pace! There are fifteen uniquely designed geometrical obstacle tracks waiting to be discovered. But before stepping onto the platform, you can check out the game's skin shop and customize your athlete by watching a short ad! Now you can start exploring your limits! Start with the first mode to take a shot at a basic challenge. Each mode has its own game-changing features, but they all push you to keep trying and look at these challenges from different angles. Some modes use the yellow jumping boosters to enhance your jumps, while some force you to avoid them. Solve these patterns and create your tactics for each level! Memorize the moves, sharpen your reflexes, and learn to dance with these races! Do not stop trying, and you will master all fifteen modes!

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GM Media developed Geometry Jump 2.

Release Date

September 14, 2022


Minimalistic geometrical theme

Bright neon colors

Fifteen challenging modes

Unlockable skins at the game shop

Available on mobile


You can click or tap to jump.