Take a break with the greenest puzzles of Garden Tales 3! Follow the friendly garden gnome through tutorials and learn your way around the green paradise! Help the friends you make along the way, solve the puzzles to improve your strategy skills, and complete more than three thousand unique levels!

This game offers you an escape into nature with the help of the friendly gnome Willy! He needs some help around the gardens, and you are the perfect candidate! You can learn the business from him and get to work right off! Start matching fruits and flowers just like Willy showed you. You can hold an item and swipe to swap it with another. To complete a move, you must align at least three objects horizontally or vertically. If you can manage to match more than three objects, the game rewards you with boosters you can use at that level. These boosters help you clean out a larger area and collect more of the needed items without using moves. Complete missions and reach higher levels to unlock surprise features and collect more rewards! Improve your matching puzzle skills with increasing difficulty and discover all levels!

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SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH developed Garden Tales 3.

Release Date

September 12, 2022


Relaxing nature theme

Simple controls

Fun characters

More than three thousand levels

Tutorials and boosters

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to play this game.