Galaxy Defence is a whole new adventure to enjoy a battle in space! This time your enemies are huge, dangerous asteroids and scary alien bosses. You should shoot the meteors, beat the boss, and most importantly, protect your spaceship! This fight will be no ordinary! Pilot your spaceship and destroy everything you see. If you are ready now, let's get your extraterrestrial powers and start the game!

The safety of the space is all up to you now! In this fun shooting game, your main objective is directing your spaceship and shooting the asteroids before they hit you. When you start the game, you will see many asteroids of different sizes coming down. You need to run away from them. Each has different numbers, which shows you the number of necessary shooting to destroy them. As you destroy those asteroids, you earn coins in the game that you can use for buying a more powerful spaceship or sustain more wingmen. You can check your progress from your current level to the following level at the top of the screen. You have three lives. When you use up your lives, you die and restart the current level. Don't forget to check your score at the end of the level. Good luck!

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LoraStudio developed this game.

Release Date

July, 2019


  • Thrilling space adventure
  • Destroying asteroids
  • Fight against big bosses
  • Sustaining more powerful weapons


You can play this game with your mouse.