Get your paws on the food and fill your tummy in Funny Food Duel! You have your favourite foods right in front of you in a silver tray, and you are challenged by your friend to see who'll eat them first. Can you act wisely and strategically to win this duel and have a happy tummy?

In this fun and cute game, you are invited to a duel. Between you and your other furry friends, you have this cute fight over your favorite foods. Who can say no to donuts, hamburgers, or a slice of pizza? Especially when you are served on a silver tray? You should get your paws on this job and be quick to jump on the foods that come in front of you. You should get and eat those yummy dishes before your friend. Whoever completes eight points first, wins the duel. You should be careful, though. Not all food that you see is safe. Sometimes you will see frozen or rotted food in the silver tray. When that’s the case, don’t give in to your instincts and jump on the food. This means you must also think a little while still acting fast! Those rotted foods will cause you some points when the frozen ones cause you to miss the next round. So, prepare your paws and get ready to fill those tummies!

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iclickgames developed Funny Food Duel.

Release Date
November 17, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Cute pets
• Fun and addictive gameplay
• 2-player option

You can use the mouse of your computer to click on the tray to get the food.