Get rid of the extra fruit harvest with Fruit Lines Saga! Help a miserable farmer with his fruit problem before everything gets out of hand! Place the identical fruits in lines to save the world before it gets covered with wild fruits! Get better with time, become a fruit-smashing master, and break new records!

Who would have thought that the overgrown fruits would end the world one day? Well, they are. The only solution is to align them in fives and move on to the next group without losing time. However, you must plan your moves carefully and work against them strategically like a game of chess. Hold a fruit, and click on the tile you wish to place it. The fruit will move on to that tile if nothing is blocking its way. You can divide the table into sections for each kind of fruit and try to keep them under control. The baby fruits that arrive in the arena can be replaced before they reach their full size. Place a grown fruit on a baby to stop it from growing. Keep an eye on the incoming variations and plan your game. Do not forget to use boosters to get out of problematic situations! Good luck!

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Developer developed Fruit Lines Saga.

Release Date

July 8, 2022


Nice graphics and animations

Addictive gameplay

Increasing difficulty

Booster options

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.