Get ready to groove in Friday Night Funkin Noob! You want to party hard so you gathered all your friends. This time one of your best buddies, Noob, is with you. So turn on your speakers and get ready to funk because this night is going to be a blast!

In this music game, you will explore the DJ in you. Get your friend Noob by your side and start grooving. You will solely explore fun music and how to play them flawlessly in this game. You can simply relax and enjoy how the songs go. But to be able to listen to these songs in the best way and not ruin them, you need to obey some rules. You just need to click on the arrow keys like the arrows on the screen go up. Try to click on the respective arrow key as that arrow touches the transparent key on the top of the screen. This way, you can complete a whole song. Be careful that there will be moments of the song where the arrows pace up. So, try to keep up with all the notes, and let’s see how many levels you can pass successfully!

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Developer developed Friday Night Funkin Noob.

Release Date

May 19, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels

• Intuitive controls

• Challenging gameplay

• Fun and interesting game music


You can use the arrow keys of your computer to match the arrow icons.