A new kind of match game awaits you in Fools Match! IF you love playing match games, this new one will be your next favorite. With its radiant icons and fun rules, you can have a relaxing fun time matching these square faces. Are you ready to play this soft and fun game for hours?

This match game is a little bit different than other match games. Here you have vertical lines of squares that you will work with. These squares we are talking about are funny faces. You should match three of the same funny faces in a row which will make them disappear. Your aim is to clear all the square faces from the table. But the tricky part is that you can only click on the faces that are in the first row. So, this means that if you accidentally click on a color that does not have a second or a third square face, you will fail the level. Try to build good strategies to be able to choose all colors three in a row and clear the table. Now, let’s get down to the game and see how many levels you can see.

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2play BV developed Fools Match.

Release Date
December 10, 2021

2D colorful graphics
Multiple levels to complete
Entertaining and addictive levels
Intuitive controls
Need for strategic thinking

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the squares.