Join the battle beneath the waves and dive deep to hunt other fish in Fish Stab Getting Big! We heard of swordfish but did not expect to see the actual swords weaponized by marine life! Can you survive enough to be the biggest fish?

You start small but each sea monster has humble beginnings! Your objective in this game is to defeat all the other fishes in the sea and eat them to become the biggest one! You can play this game alone against the computer or with a friend sharing the same keyboard. When you are spawned, use the WASD keys to swim around. Each fish will have a sword in their mouth so try your best to avoid getting stabbed by making fast and clever maneuvers. To grow, you should stab other fish to kill them and eat their remains. Power-ups and boosters will be randomly spawned, so try your best to collect them to gain an advantage. To play 2-player mode, the 2nd player can use the arrow keys to control their fish. Don't forget to collect coins as well! With these, you can buy new stuff from the in-game shop! Enjoy!

The ocean may look peaceful on the surface but who knows what horrors are lurking deep down? Check out our other popular game Hungry Shark Arena next! Have fun!


RHM Interactive developed Fish Stab Getting Big.

Release Date

December 1, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Single-player and 2-player gameplay options
  • Different items to buy


  • Use WASD keys to swim as Player 1
  • Use arrow keys to swim as Player 2