Channel your inner artist in Fill Pix! You are invited to check out your skills as an artist in this pixel-based coloring game, so come along and get ready to bring color to your life!

If you always want to create some pieces of art and paint beautiful paintings but lack the skills, this game is just for you. You might even be a great artist but still can challenge your precision in this game. Take a good look at the samples given to you at the top of the screen and try to recreate the same picture with the empty board given to you. You can choose the colors from below the empty board and then click on the blocks of pixels on the drawing. You can simply choose another color and reapply it if you color a spot by mistake, too. Now, come and see if you can figure out your way with colors!

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2Play developed Fill Pix.

Release Date

December 19, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Skip the level bonus with a rewarded ad

• Tens of drawings

• Peaceful game music


Choose the colors from below the empty drawings and click on the blocks of pixels on the drawing. You can also drag the cursor to color multiple spots fast.