In Farmerama, embrace nature and rural life as a farmer! You have a plot of land and the best way to use it is to turn it into a farm. Can you grow crops, raise animals, and trade your produce to become the most successful farmer in the town?

The sun is shining and the grass has never looked greener before! It's a great day to start working! The beginning of your new life as a farmer will be a humble one, so start with purchasing a field. Click on the field to see different options of crops you can plant. Don't have any seeds? No worries! You can visit the town center and head into the market to buy some. When you have enough seeds and plant them, you should fertilize and water them. You will start with some water but for fertilizer, you should either buy it from other players or produce your own. Buy animal pens, and keep your animals happy by providing them with food and water. Cleaning animal pens will give you fertilizer. You can produce animal feed at the mill with wheat. As you complete different tasks, you will earn experience points and unlock new items and areas. This will give you more options to improve your farm. You can sell your products to earn money and buy different things from other players or from the in-game shop! Have fun playing!

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Bigpoint developed Farmerama.

Release Date

October 9, 2009


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Different items to customize your farm
  • Various locations to unlock
  • Different things to plant and harvest
  • Different animals to raise
  • Intuitive controls


Use your mouse to play.