Get your animals out of the farm by building strategies with Farm Fun! This addictive puzzle merges two games in one challenge! Use the right sequence to move your animals out of the field while merging them in pairs in the table below. Let's see if you can get three stars!

Can you help adorable farm animals get out of the paddock? It's simple; just hold and slide them toward the spaces in the fences. But remember that your animals can only walk forward or backward, which means you can only move them horizontally or vertically. Release them in pairs to avoid running out of space, and plan your next moves before taking any action. You can use free boosters if you run out of ideas. Use the switch button on the bottom left to rearrange the animals randomly, or click on the light bulb and eliminate a random pair. You can also unlock one free slot below by watching a short ad. Multiply your gold between levels and buy new boosters in the main menu. Check the game shop to see the offers and find your favorite helpers. Keep playing to get better, and become a master of two puzzles with one game!

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Albayoo developed Farm Fun.

Release Date

January 18, 2023


Cute farm animals and relaxing backgrounds

Simple controls


Improving logic skills


You can use your mouse to play this game.