Explore new scenes behind the wheel with Extreme Drift Car Simulator! Add new cars, from luxurious racing options to police cars, to your collection, and customize them! Drift along the crowded streets or go off-road to escape the concrete scenery and get lost in nature with your car!

Forget about finishing the races first, and focus on your drifting skills with this 3D simulation! Here, each drift point you score earns you extra cash. So, hit the pedal and steer all you like! There is no one to compare yourself to; it's just you and your drifting scores! Find the shiny spots on the map, and stand over them to accept missions. These missions set you a score goal to reach within a time limit. Keep drifting inside the racing arena, use your time wisely, and avoid going through the finish lines to keep the race going. Get extra points after hitting the goal to earn bonus prizes. Drifting on the streets is another way to make money, but it's not as efficient as quick challenges. Once you think you have enough cash, hit the main menu and pay a visit to the garage. Check the cars, unlock the ones you like, and conquer the asphalt with style!

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Driving games developed Extreme Drift Car Simulator.

Release Date

October 25, 2022


Stunning 3D graphics

Simple controls with realistic driving

Various car options

Unlockable features

An open-world map

Challenging missions


You can use "W, A, S, D" to move, "P" to pause, "R" to reset the car, and the spacebar for brakes.